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Brentford Families - Harris

Pauline Tate:

My Gt Gt Gt Grandfather was Henry Harris who had a shop at no. 150. He and his wife Mary ran the business up to their deaths in 1866. Their second eldest daughter Mary Ann, continued living at no. 150. Mary Ann died in 1882 at no. 169 High Street.

Henry's son James, my Gt Gt Grandfather b. 1847, was also a currier. He and his family lived at (I think) no. 144 High Street in 1871. James and family moved to Aston, Warwickshire sometime after 1871 but was back at no. 150 with his sister Mary in 1881. James died in 1883.

Henry and Mary's eldest daughter, Lydia, b. 1838, married Charles Climpson, in 1856. Charles was a successful bootmaker and had a shop at no. 164 High Street, (next to Penningtons) for many years. They had quite a few offspring living at home as well as lodgers and various visitors, including George, my Gt Grandfather in 1881. Charles died in 1912 and Lydia in 1915.

Finally, Henry's eldest son, also called Henry, b. 1843, started out as a coach builder and ended up doing very well for himself, owning his own coach building and wheelwright business at no. 297 High Street and also at nos. 4 & 13 London Road in 1894.


Whilst researching my family history, I came across a Sarah Harris who was visiting Mary Ann at no. 150 in 1871. I know Sarah had a daughter Mary Harris who married a William Thomas Evans. Sarah's husband was called James who I think died in 1833 aged 37. Her daughter Mary Evens/Evans? was visiting Lydia across the road at no. 143. I believe this is the same family who were living at 176 High Street in 1841 and are somehow linked to my Harris's. I've no idea how though, still working on that!

I actually have Mary Ann Evans marriage certificate (was hoping Henry's name would be down as witness, no such luck). The official name on the certificate is William Thomas Evans, Tailor, Old Brentford, father David Thomas Evans, Toll Collector. Mary Ann Harris, Old Brentford, father James Harris, carpenter. Marriage date 29th May 1848. The witnesses were James Harris (I believe this to be an elder brother) and Mary Harris. Now Mary maybe James's wife or it could be Henry's wife!

Had a look for Mary Ann Evans in the 1861 census and think I found her at a parsonage in Norwood. She was widow so death of Thomas William Evens in 1853 seems to fit.


Family tree summary

Putting together Pauline's information and census findings about the two Harris families:

Henry Harris (Born Isleworth ca 1815/6, died 1866 Brentford), currier; married Mary (born ca 1812/3 Ringwood, Hants, also died 1866 Brentford) children (all born Brentford):

  • Lydia Harris (1838 - 1915) married Charles Climpson (bootmaker, born Chesham Bucks) in 1856 (died 1912); lodging in Brentford End, Isleworth in 1861; at no. 164 in 1871 - 1901 censuses; died in Lambeth
  • Mary Ann Harris (1842 - 1882) grocer
  • Henry Harris (1843 - 1901) coach builder
  • James Harris (1847 - 1883) currier; children included
    • George Harris: Pauline's great grandfather
  • Sarah Harris (1849/50 - )


Sarah (-) (born Isleworth ca 1798); married James Harris, carpenter (died 1833 aged 37); Sarah was a widowed housekeeper living at the Savings Bank at no. 176 in 1841; housekeeper at the Dispensary in 1851 (still no. 176); in 1871 Sarah was an annuitant visiting Mary Ann Harris (above) born 1842; children include:

  • Mary Ann Harris (born ca 1824); married William Thomas Evans, of Old Brentford, tailor (born in Llandovery, Carmarthen, Wales, son of David Thomas Evans, toll collector) in 1848; a Thomas William Evens death is registered at Brentford in 1853 which fits Mary Ann being a widow in 1861
  • Sarah Harris (ca 1830)
  • George Harris (ca 1831 New Brentford); 'porter - chemist's' in 1851

Celia Cotton replied

Regarding the Evans / Evens family, there was a Benjamin Evens, grocer / tea dealer at no.230 from 1839 - 1874, followed by Robert Evans at the same address in 1881. Alfred John Evens grocer lived at no. 320 from 1861 to 1881.