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Thrussington is a parish in Leicestershire: Thrussington Parish Village Website has many photos and details its history and residents.

I studied for an MA in English Local History at the University of Leicester from 2012, and an early subject was enclosure. I chose Thrussington for my enclosure project as friend and former neighbour, Priscilla, had Barsby ancestors who lived here. From research into her family I was familiar with some of the Thrussington records held at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland. They include a field survey prepared in 1798 prior to enclosure that records each strip of land: its owner and tenant, quality and acreage. The enclosure award that describes how land was redistributed post-enclosure is also available.

It is not common for a field survey to survive, and when it came to choosing a subject for my dissertation I decided on Thrussington field-names. These were recorded in the 1798 field survey and earlier glebe records from the 17th century.

During the process I transcribed many manuscripts and I reckon these ought to be available to others, rather than confined to my laptop. Please get in touch about any that interest you.

  • Glebe Terriers
    Glebe terriers record two sources of income for the rector: land held by the church (glebe) and the tithes due by the parishioners; the latter were a tenth of the crops, livestock and produce. The terrier describes location of glebe using field names and owners of neighbouring strips. The two earliest terriers, 1601 and 1625, are held at Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln. Later terriers are at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Wigston Magna.
  • 1601 glebe terrier: the earliest glebe terrier for Thrussington
  • 1625 glebe terrier


Published July 2023