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Jarvis, Jervis, Gervis or similar families of North Staffordshire, North Shropshire, Cheshire and Lancashire

A Y-DNA test (for the male line carrying the surname) suggests a link between Louise's and Mark's families and the goal was (and is) to find a common ancestor (expected to be around 10 to 12 generations back). At present the two lines have been traced back to locations under 15 miles apart, it's looking promising.

  • Mark is a descendant of John Jarvis who died at Nantwich, Cheshire, in 1680; he was a heelmaker; his widow Elizabeth emigrated with their two children to Pennsylvania; Mark's Family Nibbles blog covers his research and is richly illustrated - highly recommended; Mark also has a Family Nibbles channel on YouTube
  • Louise is a descendant of a Jarvis family from the Staffordshire/Shropshire borders in the early 19th century and the research now takes her family back to the 17th century

In tracing Louise's Staffordshire/Shropshire ancestry many citations have been found. In order to make sense of this wealth of data, an attempt has been made to place each citation into a family group: in theory each family group should have a marriage of the parents, the births and/or baptisms of their children and burials/deaths of the parents; sometimes there are apprenticeship records, census returns, trade directory entries and newspaper articles.

Each family group has a (somewhat random) identifier such as M61 which is used in a master spreadsheet of citations; a chart showing the hierarchy; and a family tree on Ancestry compiled by Mark.

The reports that follow cover various angles:

  • the stories of one or more family groups, sometimes covering their descendants too; or
  • citations found in one source - probate, tithe, hearth tax records - that range across a number of family groups; or
  • a family with another surname that is linked - by marriage usually - to Jarvis/Jervis
  • studies of Jarvis from a particular place - do they all knit together as one family or did they just happen to end up living here?

There will be 30 or more reports and they can be freely downloaded.

There will be mistakes, omissions and certainly some loose ends in the reports; my apologies for anything that is awry. If you spot any mistakes, or have arrived at different conclusions, please get in touch, quoting the family group, and I will publish an update.

At the outset, publication of this research was not a priority and a more rigorous approach to quoting references could have been adopted. If anything does not make sense, just get in touch.

Louise and Mark, whose quest sparked this research, hope you find it useful!

The first set of reports looks at Louise's family, who lived in Maer and Mucklestone, north Staffordshire, and in particular at Maerway Lane, sometimes recorded as Marrow Lane!

The second set of reports covers another family named Jervis or Jarvis who lived at Winnington and Napeley Heath (modern name Napley), on the north side of Mucklestone. They are currently not linked to Louise's family.

Next reports using a specific source, starting with probate records for Jarvis / Jervis of Market Drayton, on the Shropshire and Staffordshire border.

Then reports of Cheshire and Lancashire families, starting with Obediah Seddon, a friend of Elizabeth Jervis in 1680...

Thomas Jervis, Louise's family, and children born 1798-1823, Mucklestone and Maer, Staffs

Surname DetailsFamily group(s) Download pdf
Jarvis or JervisThomas, father of John, William, George, Henry and Elizabeth (see below); labourer, farmer, shoemaker of Mucklestone and Maer, mar Anne Ward at Lichfield, 1795; d. 1828; incl more about Maer - population, maps
Tags: Marrow Lane, Wedgwood, Darwin
Jarvis or JervisJohn Jervis bap 1798; bro to Henry; mar Hannah Simcock 1823 Maer; lived in Aston and Maerway Lane, Staffs; labourer and small farmer; incl male descendants; incl trade directory entry for Maer, 1834
Tags: Sidway Hall, Charity Nicklin, Chetwynd, Pickstock
Jarvis or Jervis William bn 1807, married Ann Greatbanks / Greatbatch at Mucklestone 1832; lived Maerway Lane, Maer Heath and Aston; labourer; inc notes on descendants
Tags: raisins, tobacco, Stafford Prison;
Jarvis or Jervis George Jervis bn ca 1816, bap 1819 Maer, labourer; bro to Henry; mar Mary Mellor 1840; lived N Staffordshire; incl descendants
Tags: Wrench, baby swap, manslaughter, workhouse
M61 George&Mary
Jarvis or JervisHenry Jervis born 1819, bap Maer; labourer and engine man; mar Ann Millington 1843 Woore, Shropshire; d 1859 Market Drayton; eventful life; incl descendants
Tags: transportation, Allen, twins, Wedgwood
L2Henry Jervis
MillingtonAnn Millington mar Henry Jervis in 1843; Ann's origins in Audlem, Cheshire
Tags: Wrench, Wade, Worral
Jarvis or JervisElizabeth Jervis bap 1823 Maer; sis to Henry; mar Joseph Harding; lived in Maer, Staffs
Tags: Powner, Blackbrook
Jarvis or JervisMaer tithe records, 1838, incl John and William Jervis; modern views of Jervis home sites
Tags: Bishop of Lichfield
M6 & M5Tithe map of Maer


The Jervis family of Winnington, parish of Mucklestone, Staffs, mid-1700s to late-1800s

Surname DetailsFamily group(s) Download pdf
Jarvis or JervisJervis family of Winnington, parish of Mucklestone, mid-18th century
Tags: Andrew, Ellen
M2Jervis of Winnington
Jarvis or JervisJames died in 1799 leaving a family of five; of Winnington
Tags: Bruckshaw, Blue Bell, Evans
BruckshawEllen, widow of James (M8), remarried local miller John Bruckshaw; they had three children
Tags: Turner, maltster, Bearstone Mill, Latham
Jarvis or JervisWilliam, eldest son of James; he was a shoemaker of Winnington / Napley Heath
Tags: Edna, Wildig, Bye Road
Jarvis or JervisYoungest son of James (M8), James junior mar Mary Martin in 1833; he was a shoemaker of Winnington / Napley Heath; incl descendants
Tags: Martin, cordwainer, Bye Road
Jarvis or JervisJervis in Mucklestone parish from tithe records, 1838
Tags: Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram
M7, M3Tithe map of Mucklestone

Other sources researched

Surname DetailsFamily group(s) Download pdf
Jarvis, Jervis, Gervis etc Wills of branches of the family who were of Market Drayton parish, spanning 1607-1841; around a dozen wills looked at in detail; quite a hefty document.
Tags: will, inventory, probate, Dod, Dodd

Cheshire and Lancashire connections

Surname DetailsFamily group(s) Download pdf
Seddon Obediah Seddon, bn 1654, Wavertree, psh Childwall, Lancashire; of Aughton, Lancashire when bur at Bickerstaffe Quaker burial ground; friend of Elizabeth Jarvis of Nantwich
Tags: Quaker, 'trusty and well-beloved friend'
Obediah Seddon
Jarvis in many forms Mark's family lived in Nantwich, Cheshire, but did not come from there; were they from another part of Cheshire? (Spoiler alert) - probably not. Findings suggest various Jarvis moved into Cheshire, some from Staffordshire and Shropshire and others may have come from Lancashire, to the north
Tags: Garvis, Gervas, Gervis, Gervys, Jarves, Jarvice, Jarvies, Jarvise, Jarvize, Jervace, Jervis; Garstang
Jarvis Audlem lies between Nantwich - home of Mark's earliest ancestor - and Market Drayton - the area where Louise's family were from; this is a one-place study of Jarvis in this town from 1598 to the mid-1800s
Tags: gardener, beans, Matthias, Josiah
AU1-AU6 Jarvis of Audlem
Jarvis burials at Audlem
Axson Hamnet Axson witnessed a document prepared after John Jervis died in Nantwich in 1680. Was he related to John or his wife Elizabeth, Mark's family?
Tags: Hamnet, Axson, Axon, Nantwich, Adams, Pratchett
Jarvis Examination in some detail of records of Jarvis in Cheshire prior to 1639, when James Jervis married in Nantwich: did Jervis originate in Cheshire? (spoiler alert - probably not)
Tags: Cheshire, Lancashire, Garstang
Early Jarvis in Cheshire


Published February 2020; updated March 2021