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Aquilegia photos


I have had an allotment for nearly 20 years and whilst the fruit and veg have always been a bit hit and miss the aquilegias are usually wonderful.

The photos below were taken between 2003 and 2008. Since then the allotments started to be inspected to ensure they were being used. Richard and I have tidied the area up: so there are fewer aquilegias and the allotment looks like - well - an allotment. There are still some wild areas and a logpile has been there for a decade or so, a dead hedge was added in 2018, and a washing-up bowl pond the same year.

Since 2018 a virus has killed a lot of my aquilegias; some survive but not in the range of colpours and shapes as before. I'm so glad I took the photos to remember them at their best!


Published May 2012; updated July 2023