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Robert Hubbuck at the Waterman's Arm, early 1900s?

Brick built public house with a group of 10 or so men outside

Bob Hubbuck has provided this photo (which was sepia originally), he says 'the name on the board outside says the Watermans Arms R Hubbuck. Crowley & Cos Alton Ales'. Robert Hubbuck is standing in the doorway. It was a boarding house as well as a beerhouse and next door was a butcher.

'I would say its late 1800 or early 1900. I am a descendant of a Robert Hubbuck from the Ham, he sold books and lived late 1700 into the mid 1800, he had sons two were named Robert the first died aged 10 years old hence the second Robert. My grandfather was also a Robert Hubbuck, he lived at 2 Ferry Square, he was a fireman at Brentford. His father was William. My father's name was Ronald Hubbuck.'

The Waterman's Arms was at 179 High Street (and was one of three Waterman's Arms in the area). I checked various trade directories (1874, 1878, 1882, 1898, 1907 and 1911) to try and pin down the date of the photo but was unable to find a reference. The pub was originally the 'Alton Arms' (1853 trade directory) but by 1871 had been renamed the Waterman's Arms.

There are enamel advertising signs on the pub wall for 'Referee', 'Weekly Times', 'The People', 'News of the World', 'Daily News' and 'Lloyds News'. The 'Daily News' merged with the 'Morning Leader' in 1912 and the latter's name continued.

If anyone can help with dating, or with removing spots from photos, please get in touch.


The other Waterman's Arms

No. 179 High Street was operating as a beerhouse by 1841 (the earliest ref I have for it is the 1841 census) and it may have been named the Alton Arms in 1853.

There was also a Waterman's Arms at 5, Catherine Wheel Yard (off the south side of the High Street in New Brentford) run by Edward Tidey in 1871 and 1881.

And finally a Watermans Arms at 1 Ferry Lane, Old Brentford (in existence by 1751 (B)). Charles Webb was the landlord in 1895.


Published February 2010