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Contact Me

Email address

The email address is made up of three parts:
  1. This part can be anything - the surname or High Street number you are interested in - it really doesn't matter but you need something
  2. an @
email address example

Email subject

If you include in the subject details the surname or High Street address that will help make your email stand out from the spam!

Email content

If you have a family history question it will help if you say what you have already searched (otherwise I may suggest you try things you have already tried).


What happens next

I will normally come back to you within a few days of receiving your email, even if it is just to let you know I have received it and will need a little more time to reply in full.

At this stage I will often add a note to the 'Coming Soon' area of the Home Page about your contact: please let me know if you do not want your full name shown - please be aware of possible security issues.

What follows depends on what you have written about, but it may lead to

  • adding some notes to a page already on the web site (eg about a property or family; or adding names to a photo page)
  • adding your request for information about people you remember or relatives you are seeking to the home page
  • preparing a new web page about your family, memories, photo or other material
  • if I have time I check whether anyone else is interested in the same family name or property; if they are I will ask whether you would like me to contact the original contributor on your behalf and if they agree will put you into contact with each other


A new web page for your family, memories etc

I want the site to include as much useful material to everyone as possible, so am keen to make the process simple for you. There is no charge for creating a new web page and you do not need to prepare the web page yourself. I just need your help to get the content right.
  • it can be written by you entirely: just send as text in an email; or, if you already have a Word or text document, email this as an attachment; I will make only minor changes to the format (eg to add sub-headings to break up text, include internal links within the age and to other relevant items already on the web site)
  • an indented family tree (eg Pearce family) can be included: either send a file from your family tree package, or I can create an indented tree from your text
  • a photo scan can be included; I may re-size, crop or adjust the contrast
  • if you have an older typed document I will try to convert a scan of this into text: this works OK with some newspaper articles too, not so well with 19th century ones
  • if you have your own web site that holds more information I can include a link to this instead of, or in addition to, a page for your family
  • if you have a range of bits of information I am happy to prepare an initial draft web page for you to check
  • please include details about how you know a piece of information (eg family story, birth certificate) as this may help others; if you have picked up the details from a web site or book, please include a link or author/publisher so that their work is recognised and others can seek the same source

Security issues

Please be aware that, if you use online banking, PayPal or similar AND you use family names as your account password (eg your mother's maiden name) then there is a risk that this could be used by someone in an attempt to access your account..

You should also consider whether to include information about living relatives or personal information about yourself (eg home address or telephone no.). Are you happy for your full name to be shown? If not please let me know (in any case I will not publish your email address as this could result in you being deluged with spam emails).

Your new page

When your new web page is ready I will send it to you for checking before adding links to it from the rest of the web site. Within a couple of weeks of a draft web page being prepared Google and other search engines will pick it up.

Updating or removing your web page

If you ever want to update or remove a page about your family, memories etc just get in touch again: once the page is there it is a relatively quick job to update or remove it.


Research assistance: Brentford and elsewhere

If you seek help researching your Brentford family or property I will try to assist by pointing you to other web sites, books and libraries. I will also check if I have any other relevant material that has not gone on to the web site as yet and endeavour to put you in touch with researchers of the same family name.

This website includes some help pages, eg details of online Parish Registers for Brentford in and help in locating wills.

If you seek non-Brentford research advice I suggest looking at the Web links, Brentford Plus for sources (and tips on how to use them) that may help you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Celia Cotton

Last updated October 2011