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Brentford High Street Project Privacy Policy


I make no effort to identify users of this site. No identifying data is disclosed to any third party without my first obtaining permission.

Storage of personal data

If you send a query that is relevant to the scope of the site (ie associated with Brentford) I usually keep the following information in an Excel spreadsheet on a home PC: your name (this can be just a forename), email address, surname interests, address interests, month/year of contact and a note (eg 'Awaiting details of the xxx family' or 'Photo to be added' or 'Draft page sent'). If you prefer that some or all of this information is not held electronically just let me know.

Your email is usually retained indefinitely on a home PC. If you forward other material about your family I store electronic data in a folder on this PC, paper material in an envelope file.

Use of email address and other contact information

Upon receipt of a new contact I may check for a) other researchers into the same family and b) researchers into the same address. If there appears to be potential for sharing information, I will check with the new contact whether they would like me to forward details to the older contact.

If a new contact asks to be put in touch with the author of a page already published, I will email the older contact to see if they are happy that I provide contact details.

I do not publish links to email addresses of individuals on the web site as it usually results in the individual receiving a lot of spam.

Once or twice a year I may send an email to all contacts to let them know about the annual local history day or similar events. This also warns me if any email addresses that no longer exist. Please let me know if you would prefer not to receive such communications.

Technical detail

The website is currently hosted by The service they provide includes logging of http requests to the server. They collect the originating IP address of a user agent requesting a URL. They also know the Referer and User-Agent information accompanied with an HTTP request. They do not log the specific identity of visitors.

I occasionally analyse the log files kept by to determine which files are most requested and the previous site or user agent which prompted the request. The logging is passive; I do not use technologies such as cookies to maintain any information on users.


September 2009