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List of names from Parish Magazines

I am grateful to Sandra Graves who loaned me four copies of the parish magazine for St Paul Brentford with St Lawrence and St George in 2015. The earliest dates from October 1971, the remainder are from April 1980, August 1982 and June 1983.

Each provides a list of baptisms, weddings and burials/cremations, along with local advertisements and news of parishioners. At the start of each magazine is a letter from the vicar and in the centre is an insert entitled Home Words which covers items of national interest, for example October 1971 was the month of decision regarding entry to the Common Market.

I have extracted the names from each magazine, noting them in the order they apppear; to search for a particular surname use your browser search, for example Control-F. The advertisements appear on several pages and have been summarised together. Addresses are Brentford unless noted.

October 1971

The following names are on the inside cover, where details of the church services are given.

Vicar: Rev. A A Court, BA, L Th; the vicar's letter on the next page is signed Arthur A Court of The Vicarage, 3 The Butts
Churchwarden & Choirmaster (Gentlemen and Boys): Mr R A Stubbs, 13 The Butts
Churchwarden: Mr L C Trimmer, 71 Greet Road
Deputy Wardens: Mr A E Fowler, 54 Lateward Road; Mr J F Lofting, 3 Clayponds Avenue
Hon. Secretary: Mrs J Everard, 205A High Street
Hon. Treasurer: Miss M Selby, 364 Lionel Road
Organist & Parish Choirmaster: Mr A H Underwood, 12 Drayton Green, W 13

Mrs Briggs was thanked for her suggestion to use old Smarties tubes to save the recently introduced decimal 1p pieces towards the church collection. Discontinued threepenny bits had also been collected in tubes for the church.

Under the heading News of some of our Young People
Former Head Chorister Paul Richardson has qualified as a teacher after three years at Christ Church College Canterbury, one of the Anglican Teacher Training Colleges.

Following in his footsteps will be Carole Blunden who starts Teacher Training College in September and Alan Ward who is going to Madeley Teacher Training College, where he will specialise in Dance and Drama.

Christine Jacobs has just completed her first year of nursing at the Hammersmith Hospital and it is nice to see her in Church on her weekends off. Her fiance, Ross Walker has successfully completed the first part of his training as a Dispensing Optician. Jerrold Lee is through the first year of a course in Business Studies.

A junior success story is that of Richard Emmott, one of our youngest choirboys who has gained a place at Latymer Preparatory School, this, many of you will remember, is following the fottsteps of Andrew Everard.

We are grateful to Mrs Winifred Briggs for assembling this information.

Under the heading Parish Registers
Holy Baptism

22nd August: Amanda Louise Robins
22nd August: Dawn Anne Pinner
22nd August: Stephen Roy Dawkins
22nd August: Roger Clark
29th August: Michelle Lorraine Wilson
29th August: Joanne Louise Graves
29th August: Shella Angela Morgan [findmypast confirms the first name was Shella, not Sheila; the birth was registered at Hounslow Registration District ]
5th September: Andrew Henry Willis
5th September: Mark Anthony Phillips
12th September: Mark Lee Kirchner
12th September: Paul Gerhard Bienek

Holy Matrimony
12st August: Kenneth Wayne Phillips to Valerie Hazel
28th August: Michael Harrington Ellis to Violet Lynne Jaycock
4th Septemkber: Jeffrey Francis Power to Jane Alston

Burial and Cremation of the Dead
23rd August: Reginald Williams aged 71 yrs; Adah Hilary Marion Carter 75
24th August: Elizabeth Porter 84 yrs
25th August: John Sidney Joyce 68 yrs
3rd September: Frank Frederick Vivian 83yrs; Rose Alice Mabel Naish 58 yrs
6th September: Florence Esther Walker 73 yrs
10th September: Emily Kate Sharp 85 yrs
13th September: Ruth Rose Fulwell 84 yrs
14th September: Amy Margaret Huxtable 82 yrs
16th September: Valerie Ann Swain 30 yrs; Ellen Charlotte Fuller 69 yrs
17th September: Amelia Smith 89 yrs

Sidesman Rota
3rd October: Mr R S Griffiths; Mr A E Fowler
10th October: Mr P Goodwin; Mr E E Tabor
17th October: Mr F Burch; Mr F Lambert
24th October: Mr R J Lofting; Mr R S Griffiths
1st November: Mr E H Tabor; Mr L C Trimmer
8th November: Mr A E Fowler; Mr P Goodwin

It is with very deep regret that we record the sudden passing of Miss Fuller, a faithful Communicant and most generous supporter of every sphere of the Church's work and activity.

Goddard Bros Ltd, 18 Albany Parade, High Street, Personal attention for all your Electrical Requirements Agents for Hoover, Frigidaire & English Electric; Bush for Radio and Television
F Bowles, 10 Epworth Road, Isleworth, Carpentry & Joinery, Painting & Decorating
Annette, 3 Market Place, Albany Road, Ladies and Children's Wear
F Sargeant, Funerals, Cremations, Memorials, 44/45 Half Acre
Mr W J Wright Manager of Matthews, value for money butchers, 117 High Street
Bank Fruiterers: High-Class fruit and vegetables, 102 High Street
F Lambert "The" Shoe repairer, 243 High Street
Isleworth Coaches Luxury Coaches for all occasions, Lower Square Isleworth
Frank's Paper Shop, Newsagent & Tobacconist, Confectionery, 119 High Street
P & P F James, Specialists in Wedding Photography; Studio: 496 Great West Road, Heston
C P Constance Ltd, Office equipment - typewriters - stationery, repairs - hire - leasing, 197 High Street
Martin's, 115 High Street, For Tobbacco, Cigarettes and all Smokers' Requisites; Gentlemen's Hairdressing Saloon W G Barratt Ltd, Established 1781, Funerals, Cremations, Private Rest Chapels, 468 High Road Chiswick
Lightwates, 198 Court House Parade (opposite Woolworths): The "Do-It-Yourself" Shop of Brentford, We give green shield stamps
C Stone (Outfitters) Ltd, 111 High Street, For Men's and Boy's Wear, Ladies' Shop (opposite)
P Goddard & Sons Ltd (Established 1815), Roman House 225-226 High Street, and 124 High Street and at 161 South Ealing Road, For fine furniture... Agents for North Thames Gas Board
Kathleen - Florist, Wedding Bouquets, Wreaths and Sprays, Flowers by Interflora, 192 High Street
Robert Stubbs FBOA, Ophthalmic Optician, 13, The Butts
H F Davis (Brentford) Ltd, Builders and Contractors, Sanitary Engineers; Works: Pottery Road, Office: Clifden Corner, Boston Manor Road
Bolton & Son Ltd, Furniture repaired, re-upholstered, Rear of 185 High Street and at 156 Northfield Avenue, West Ealing
G & M Wilsher Ltd, The Cycle Specialists, High Street - Cycles, Tricycles, Toys etc, Agents for all main makes


April 1980

The following names are on the inside cover, where details of the church services are given.

Vicar: Rev. A A Court, BA, L Th of The Vicarage, The Butts, Brentford, TW8 8BJ
Churchwarden & Choirmaster (Gentlemen and Boys): A H Ward, 34 Boston Manor Road
Churchwarden: Mr L C Trimmer, 28 Netley Road
Deputy Wardens: Mr A E Fowler, 54 Lateward Road; Mr R J Lofting, 3 Clayponds Avenue
Hon. Secretary: Mrs J Everard, 8 South Road, Ealing
Hon. Treasurer: Miss M Selby, 364 Lionel Road
Organist: Mr A H Underwood, 3 Villiers Road, Isleworth

This magaazine was published at Holy week and Easter; On Good Friday, following the practice of the Church in former times, we will say THE LITANY AND ANTE-COMMUNION AT 10AM.

We regret that we cannot render the St Matthew Passion on Good Friday evening, but the Choir, Soloists and Orchestra are rendering The Requiem by Gabriel Faure on Palm Sunday at 6.30pm.

And note, that every parishioner, shall communicate at least three times in the year, of which Easter to be one. Prayer Book Rubrick.

Tracey and Joanne Graves were congratulated for winning a treasure hunt painted on the walls of Charlton House a great improvement on the sort of graffite we are growing accustomed to everywhere. Tracey and Joanne are pupils of both our Sunday School and our Day School.

The collection of spare change in Smarty tubes mentioned in 1971 continued and the following Smarties were thanked:
Anon 2; Mr and Mrs Hall 1.50; Mr & Mrs Mean 1.25; Miss G Tidey 1; left in the plate at 10am on 1st March 1; Mrs Lowe, Layton Court 75p; Peter & Elaine Martin 75p; Mrs Rathbone 75p; Mrs Bright 50p; Mrs Whelan 50p.

Under the heading Parish Registers
Holy Baptism

22nd February: Nicola Jayne McLean
22nd February: Robert James Johnson
22nd February: Victoria Emma Rowlands
8th March: Zoe Lorraine Reeves

Burial and Cremation of the Dead
17th February: Charles Herbert Taylor 75 years
17th February: Julia Turner 90 years
19th February: Clifford Julien John 49 years
3rd March: Christopher William Halliday 76 years
3rd March: Edward Peace Upfold 62years
5th March: Ernest Leslie Cole 65 years
6th March: Phyllis Elsie Powell 58 years

(I could spot no reference to marriages)

W J Daubney & Sons, High class fruiterers and greengrocers, restaurants & canteens supplied, 206 High Street
Regal Office Service, quick printing copying dyeline service; 200 High Street
Goddard Bros Ltd, 18 Albany Parade, High Street; Personal attention for all your electrical requirements; Agents for Hoover, Frigidaire & English Electric; Bush for radio and television
W G Barratt, Funeral directors & monumental masons, 468 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick W4
Matthews, Value for money butchers 117 High Street (Mr W J Wright Manager)
Arnold's Camping & Sports Centre, 212 High Street, Agent for scout & guide uniforms and equipment
P & P F James Ltd, Specialists in Wedding Photography; Studio 496 Great West Road, Heston
C P Constance Ltd, office equipment, typewriters, stationery; repairs, hire, leasing; 197 High Street
Lightwates: 196 Court House Parade (opposite Woolworths); The "Do-it-yourself" shop of Brentford; Stockists of Crown and Brolac, Dulux
Kathleen: Florist; Flowers for all occasions; wedding bouquets, wreaths & sprays; 192 High Street
F Sargeant - Funerals Cremations Memorials 44/45 Half Acre (opposite Parish Church); Private Chapel; Emergency Service
G & N Wilsher Ltd: Will bend over backwards - Cycles, toys, electrical & general accessories, key cutting, engraving; 232 Sandycombe Road, Kew
H F Davis (Brentford) Ltd - Builders and Contractors, Sanitary Engineers; Office & Works: 49-51 Boston Manor Road
Martins of Brentford (Distributors) Ltd, Wholesale tobacconists, confectioners and sundriesmen; Lion Way, Market Place
P Goddard & Sons Ltd, Established 1815: Roman House, 225-226 High Street & 124 High Street and at 161 South Ealing Road W5; Fine furniture, nursery furniture; Agents for North Thames Gas Board

Published January 2016; updated July 2016