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1943 Poppy Day Collection

The Poppy Day collection of 1943 was a success: over £510 raised in Brentford reported the Marylebone Mercury 27 November 1943. The newpaper recorded details of collections made in pubs, factories and by street collectors.

The collection amounts often end .5d - this was a halfpenny, 48 of these were equivalent in today's money to 10p. The farthing (half the value of a halfpenny, a fourth part or quarter of an old penny) was still in circulation until 1960 but does not feature in the list; was it too small an amount to give, or was it not possible to print this fraction?

The lists do not include forenames but you may recognise a family member with a distinctive surname below.

The three lists have been sorted by name: first public houses, then factories and finally street collectors.

29 public houses held collections - a big reduction in numbers following closures in the early 1900s. There are histories of many of the following: search on the home page to find text and images.

Public House Amount
Albany Arms £1 16s d
Barge Aground 12s 11.5d
Brent House £1 3s 6d
Bricklayers Arms £1 2s 0.5d
Bull 4s 8d
Conservative Club £1 7s 1d
Duke of York £2 18s 1.5d
Express £1 2s 9.5d
Feathers 9s 1d
Kings Arms 14s 3.5d
Magnet 10s 9d
Magpie and Crown £1 11s 6d
New Inn £1 3s 8d
North … faded
Princess Royal £3 5s 10d
Red Lion 9s 10d
Six Bells 17s 10d
The Beehive 15s 7.5d
The Globe £1 0s 7.5d
The Griffin 13s 10d
The Guardsman 17s 11d
The Nelson £1 10s 7.5d
The Plough 13s 1.5d
The Rising Sun £1 13s 5.5d
The Royal Oak £1 3s 6.5d
Waggon and Horses 13s 9d
Watermans Arms £1 4s 5.5d
White Horse 6d
Windmill 6s 0.5d

The site has interesting photos, memories and press items about some of the factories listed here - try searching on the home page.

Factory Amount
Airducts £13 3s 11.5d
Alfa Laval £2 18s 7d
All Tools £7 12s 7.5d
Barclays Bank 6s 7d
Beldems £3 5s 6d
Brentford Soap Works 12s 4.5d
Commercial Ignition £2 10s 5.5d
Coty's £4 9s 8.5d
County Office (Mrs Lovell) £2 7s 2.5d
Fox's Bedding Co. £1 15s 10d
Gas Accumulator £1 18s 3d
Henleys 15s 6d
London Aeroplanes £18 5s 9.5d
Pullens £7 7s 6.5d
Ranton and Co. £1 15s 8.5d
Scientific Projectors £7 7s 5.5d
Simmonds £20 5s 4d
Smiths Crisps £5 15s 9d
Sperrys £32 1s 1d
Tecalemit £2 2s 2.5d
Thompson and Norris £2 2s 5d
Trico Folberts £5 18s 1.5d


Names of street collectors Title Amount
Atkins Miss £2 0s 11.5d
Baker Mrs £9 8s 2d
Beeson Mrs £5 1s 7d
Benn Mrs £5 18s 7d
Blackwell Mrs 16s 2d
Blackwell Mrs £2 15s 1d
Blake Mrs £2 2s 9d
Brentford Hospital Nurses   £2 13s 1.5d
Buss Mrs £2 14s 11.5d
Butterfield Mrs £3 18s 10d
Camp Mr £4 5s 10d
Challenge Cup   £1 4s 10.5d
Charlton JP Mr £1 1s
Clark Mrs £6 15s 1d
Collins Mrs £4 8s 9.5d
Connor Mr £2 10s 10d
Cook Mr 17s 0.5d
Cook Mrs £2 17s
Davis Mrs £5 6s 6d
Depot   £1 1s 1.5d
Duboire Mr £7 16s 3d
Ealing Road Infants School   18s 10d
Ealing Road Mixed Junior   £2 2s 1d
Ellis Mrs £3 0s 4d
Flewitt (for Gunnersbury Park Knitting Club) Mrs £2 2s
Gardener Miss £46 16s 4.5d
Garratt (cheque) Mr S £2 2s
Gilpin (with Miss Gardener) Miss  :
Goddard Mrs £5 0s 7d
Goddard Miss £7 10s 5d
Green Mr £1 8s
Gregory Mrs £5 6s 8.5d
Griggs Mrs £5 0s 6d
Harding Miss £2
Harris Mrs £1 2s 11d
Herbert (for Arnos) Mr 13s 9d
Houston Mrs £2 4s 8d
Howe Miss £1 12s
King Mrs 8s 7.5d
Law Mrs £3 9s 7.5d
Leslie Mrs £1 17s 7d
Letts Mr £2 9s 7d
Lewis Miss £1 8s 10d
Lionel Road School   £4 15s 3.5d
Luffrum Mrs £3 7s 11d
Mannell Mrs £2 6s 4.5d
Marley Mrs £6 11s 11d
McMillan Mr £20 0s 7.5d
McMullins Mr £10 12s 3d
New Road Church   14s 4d
Newcombe Mrs £2 15s 4d
Newens Mrs £3 9s 10d
Norgett Miss £2 13s 2.5d
Oats Miss £2 6s 6d
O'Leary (for Brentford Market) Mr £2 5s
Palmer Miss £13 7s 9.5d
Perry Mrs £5 14s 4d
Perry (for the Triangle Club) Mrs £1 11s 8d
Phillips Mrs £6 14s 6d
Phillips Mrs 7s 3d
Prince Miss £3 10s 11.5d
Reed Miss £6 8s 10d
Rikley Mrs £1 16s 4.5d
Sargeant Mrs £5 1s 9d
Sargeant Ltd F £1 1s
Scientific (Car Poppies)   10s
Shields Mrs £3 7s 7d
Simmonds Mrs £1 0s 7d
Skillman Miss £4 4s 3d
Smith Miss £1 6s 3d
Spoker Mr £13 9s 2.5d
St Georges Church   £1 17s 8.5d
St Georges School   £10 15s
St Pauls Hall   15s 4d
St Pauls School   £1 8s 6d
Thames Mrs £1 18s 11.5d
Thames (for Office Box) Mr £2 17s 5.5d
Thurlow Mrs £1 13s 8d
W.V.S.   10s
Ward Mrs 17s 7d
Winch Mrs £1 18s 10d
Windmill Road Church   15s 5d
Wmyss Mrs £2 18s 0.5d
Woods Miss £4 7s 9.5d


Published November 2018.