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List of Brentford Firemen 1879

Peter King has provided the following list from the minutes of the Brentford Local Board.

Peter notes ’It could be that those without an address are the same as the previous person, but I have left as appears in minute book’.

Office Name Address Salary
Superintendent G B Clark Esq Brentford End Honorary
Dep Super K Montgomrey Old Brentford Honorary
Fire Escape Superintendent H J Robinson Old Brentford Honorary
Foreman J F Moore Brentford End £10
Steam Engineer R.Higgins Old Brentford £16.18.0
Hose Cleaner & Escape Attdnt A M H Hodgman   £13
Firemen Henry Harris Brentford End £5
Ditto William Douglas New Brentford £5
Ditto Arthur Gandy Ditto £5
Ditto Edward Spooner   £5
Ditto George Hopkins   £5
Ditto Thomas Mew   £5
Aux Firemen R W Pittard ″    
Ditto George Taylor Old Brentford  
Ditto John Davis New Inn Ealing Lane  


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