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Newspaper Accounts

Many of the following items have been found in the British Newspaper Archive, see the British Newspaper Archive home page for more details of this project including progress to date: a full list of titles published AND a list of additions in the last 30 days can be accessed from the 'Search by Newspaper' link: 'show all titles'.

The indexing used in searches relies on Optical Character Recognition (OCR), so is not perfect (I suspect worse for older publications, where the print may not be so clear), but never-the-less this is a very valuable resource.

The search facilities are good and it is also possible to filter by publication title, date, region, county, place and type. Searching is free, accessing the original article is chargeable (there is a range of subscriptions). If you subscribe to findmypast then you will be able to access the same newspaper archive - however the search facilities are better on the BNA website; searching there then viewing on findmypast works well.

Date coverage varies from title to title, the database includes entries from 1700-1999.

In 2015 a search showed over 200,000 matches for 'Brentford':
over 200 from 1700-1749
over 2,500 from 1750-1799
nearly 22,000 from 1800-1849 over 57,000 from 1850-1899
nearly 100,000 from 1900-1949
over 5,000 from 1950-1999.

Other newspaper accounts are from the local archives held at Chiswick Library: thanks to the contributors of these items.

Examples of Brentford stories

At the outset I had hoped to add a piece each month, but life caught up with me! However I will continue to add Brentford stories whenever time permits and the list below includes some examples of what has been added, use the links to get a fuller picture: often only one piece is recorded below but in practice there may be several others. Items on each page are in date order.
  • January: bizarre events leading to a 'singular fatality' in 1881; also a short advert from a lady wishing to travel to India in 1889
  • February: heroic rescue in 1847; names Grover (or Govey), Best and O'Hara
  • March: the death of 'Harris' following a dispute respecting a young woman; the drowning of a boy entrusted with the care of a boat, both in 1810
  • April: painting at the Three Pigeons 1854; charges against Benjamin Newman, High-street, Brentford, a shopman 1884
  • May: Brentford and district Tramways Bill in 1885; closure of the "Black Boy and Still" in 1922
  • June: Royal Horticultural Society's second fete in 1862
  • July: Coroner's Inquest, George Angel, aged 30 in 1829; destructive power of a thunderstorm, 1839
  • August: sale of farmland, Ealing in 1828; fire at United Water Softeners Ltd, High Street in 1926
  • September: rebuilding of Brentford Bridge, 1824
  • October: fining of Emanuel Smith for an unregistered canal boat 1927
  • November: death of a miser, Thomas Kane in 1846; death from exposure, 1861
  • December: proposals for paving part of the High Street in 1805; Barnsley v. Brentford 1952


Published December 2011; last updated March 2017