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Brentford Bridge improvements, 1826

Angie Beck provided some interesting extracts from the Middlesex Sessions of the Peace Sessions Papers on The National Archives Access To Archives website.

There are more details of this and other bridge building projects, worth browsing - Thomas Telford's name is included in documents dating from 1823.

Hanwell: Improving the approaches to the Bridge

Minutes of the Brentford Bridge Committee on acquiring property for widening and improving the north-east approaches and the valuation of it.; Rough minutes and notes and fair copies (12 documents) and see G.O.C. 21 pp. 417, 446, 536 etc. MJ/SPB/0248-0260 1825, 3 December - 1826, 2 December

Minutes of the Brentford Bridge Committee on acquiring property for widening and improving the north-east approaches and the valuation of it. December - 1826, 2 December.

Agreements between the owners and occupiers:

  • John Ibbotson, Gent. and Thomas Jackson, bargeman
  • Henry Sexton, Linen draper and John Matthews, cooper
  • Philip Norbury, printer
  • Abraham Beck, broker
  • and H. C. Selby, Clerk of the Peace
to leave the valuation of the houses to the arbitration of John Grimault of Brentford End, auctioneer. MJ/SPB/0267-0270 1826, February 28.

Sale catalogue of materials of four brick dwelling houses adjoining the new bridge, to be sold by auction by Mr. Grimault. MJ/SPB/0271 1826, August.


A 1792 survey shows the bridge before improvement. To the north east side of the bridge a yard and garden occupied the plot adjacent to the bridge, bounded by the river Brent and the High Street.

A note 'This is all Mr John Miles freeholds 4 houses and a smiths shop, 88 feet' follows, the 'smiths shop' being shown to the east of this plot, followed by 'Mr Hardwick's Yard'. What was to become Durham Wharf, but at the time was 'Hardwick's Wharf', lay further to the east.

By 1838 the New Brentford tithe shows this area had been rebuilt: 12 properties, due to become numbers 159 to 170, are shown (tithe property refs 272 to 283).

The first two properties nearest Brentford Bridge had no or very little garden, the next 9 appear pretty uniform, with small gardens or yards, the final property was smaller and squeezed into the wedge of space between Durham Wharf and High Street.


Published October 2010