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Brentford Families - Norbury

There are three Norbury PCC wills in the 1828 - 1845 period and taking them together with census returns it is possible to piece together a speculative family tree. The family ran a printing / book selling business on the High Street for at least 85 years. The business was taken over by Cornelius Stutter when William Philip Norbury retired: there appears to have been no male Norbury heir to take on the business, WPN leaving two daughters aged under 10 when he died.

Family Tree

Philip Norbury (est 1740/50 - 1830): printer of New Brentford; his children included:
  • Male Norbury (deceased by 1828); A2A includes a ref to a Henry Norbury, printer of New Brentford in a deed dated 1807 and it is possible he is the unnamed male Norbury; his children, born in Brentford, included:
    • William Philip Norbury (ca 1817 - 1893): living with his aunt and uncle in 1841; married to Ann (-) by 1861; took over the running of the High Street business when his aunt Mary Ann Norbury died in 1865; widowed by 1881, when he was recorded in the census as a printer employing two men; in 1882 he remarried Laura E Thick, who was his assistant in 1871 & 1881; in 1891 he was a widower and 'retired printer' living on Boston Road; he appears to have had no children by his first wife but had two daughters by his second wife:
      • Laura E Norbury (ca 1885 - ): born in Brentford
      • Mary P Norbury (ca 1887 - ): born in Brentford
    • Mary Anne Norbury (ca 1819 - ): a teacher in Brighton in 1851
    • John Wilkinson Norbury (ca 1820 +): a JWN married in Southampton in 1845
  • Philip Norbury (ca 1770 - 1845): took over the business from his father; there is no evidence he married, he appears to have had no surviving children when he died in 1845
  • Elizabeth Norbury (died 1827/8): wrote an emotional will when she died (see the PCC wills page); apparently she died a spinster
  • Mary Ann Norbury (ca 1780 - 1865): born in Brentford; continued to live at 110 High Street when her brother died in 1845; a spinster; in the 1861 census she is recorded as the head of household, occupation 'printer etc'