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Brentford Families - Francis

Clare Francis wrote in January 2019:

I have only just come across your website and I am really impressed by the details and range of stuff on this site.

Having gone on the employees of the waterways section I was really pleased to spot Joseph James FRANCIS and his enormous family with Eliza and Sarah, his two wives. When I counted up though I realised you were short by three and there are two errors.

Henry Ernest (1884) is really a Francis not a Frances and he is Joseph and Eliza’s first son.

Sarah Ann (1891) is actually Eliza’s daughter as Sarah is long dead (the error was made by the church Clark who filled in the record, not your team). She is definitely theirs as she is on the census return.

Two of the missing children have baptismal record from St Pauls. They are Albert George (born 30/1/1876) and William Charles (born 15/4/71) and they are present on the census record. The third child is Ellen Elizabeth. She is there as a young girl on the 1871 census and I think she is the child of the civil registration for Brentford for that year, but I cannot yet find a church record for her baptism.

Never the less, if you count her in that makes 19 children of Joseph James. Amazingly most made it through childhood (Walter, Richard Henry the first (1868) and Catherine seem to be the main three who disappear from the records, with the rest popping up in future records to prove their survival.

Joseph James Francis is my husbands GGgrandfather and we have traced his line back three further generations. Sadly we have no photos and would love to see some. Hope you find this useful.


The entries for the two boys have been added to the index. Ellen Elizabeth was already recorded in the index but under the name COLLINS, which Clare advises was her mother Sarah's maiden name. All 19 entries are now present: a remarkable family!

Clare adds 'If anyone wants any more info on the family tree I am happy to be contacted' -if you get in touch I will forward your email to Clare.


Page published January 2019