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Brentford Councillors - William A Merriman


Janet McNamara has researched details of the men who served as Brentford Local Board Members and Councillors, see intro page for more details of early local government structure.

William A Merriman

Mr Merriman was a member of Brentford Local Board in 1888. His name is on the dedication stone that was originally laid at the Cottage Hospital in 1901 which is now in the wall along the path in to Brentford Health Centre opposite Brentford Station. His address in 1888 was given as The Butts but in 1896/7 it was Beaufort House, The Butts.

He had been born in Shepshed, Leicestershire in 1838.

In 1841 he was at Bridge Street, Shepshed and his father, Richard was a butcher.

In 1851 he was 13. The address was the same and father, Richard (64) was a Farmer and Butcher. His mother was called Ann and he had 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

In 1861 brother John (25), was a Master Butcher and Head of the Household. Sister Mary (32) was his Housekeeper, brother, Joseph (27) an assistant Teacher of Mathematics* and William (23) an assistant farmer. (* see obituary of nephew, Richard - to be added).

By 1871 William was married and living at 1, Woodland Villa in Acton and was a Soap Manufacturer. His wife was Mary A aged 32 born in Brentford. They had a son, Richard aged 3 and a daughter Elizabeth 2 months. Both the children had been born in Acton. John R Cunnington (29) born in Brentford was a Boarder and also resident were a Cook, a Nurse and a Page.

His marriage had been registered in the September quarter 1864. Brentford 3a 68. His wife was Mary Ann Cunnington and the boarder likely to have been his brother in law.


By 1881 the family were living in Beaufort House one of the big 18th century houses in the Butts. William was a soap manufacturer aged 43. His wife is shown as Marianne 42 (a miss-spelling, I think). Also resident is daughter Elizabeth M (10), Ernest (5) and Margaret (3) and a nursemaid, a housemaid and a Cook.

In 1891 his wife’s name is back to Mary A, son Richard, 23 is an analytical chemist and daughter Mabel (20) assistant housekeeper, William E (15) was a scholar and there was a resident cook.

By 1901 the house had been numbered 17, The Butts and William is shown as an Employer and soap manufacturer. It seems that he was a junior partner at TB Rowe’s soap works.

Wife Mary A was resident together with son William E aged 25 employed as an Auctioneers Clerk. There was one servant resident. His son Richard was married and lived round the corner at 1, Upper Butts. His wife was Annie M aged 25 and they had a son aged 1 and a general servant.

Richard died aged 33 in July 1901 (Brentford 3a 61) (see obituary - to be added) and William died 6 weeks later aged 63. Both deaths are recorded in the September quarter Brentford 3a 69. They were both buried in Isleworth.

The summary of the 1911 census show a ‘Mrs Merriman’ living at 7, Pownall Gardens, Isleworth.

The 1909/10 Valuation shows that Mrs M A Merriman owned properties in the High Street.

Other material

Janet has also provided photos from his time of serving as a councillor, an example of his signature and accounts of he and his son Richard's deaths in 1901, finally an account of William's funeral. To be added as time permits.


Page published June 2011